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Thoughts from Educa 2015

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Earlier this month I attended the 21st Online Educa Berlin conference, and as always really enjoyed the chance to meet up with others having similar interests in using technology-enabled learning. These days one of the main areas of interest is in user-generated learning and other ways in which technology can support informal learning processes, but a common frustration expressed was how 'Training' within many organisations was failing to grasp this new reality and was still locked into the 'training as pizza' model:
  • Client: "We need a training course"
  • Training "How many days?"

Why this happens was a subject of some debate, but from my systems perspective a key issue I see is that the reductionist structure of many organisations forces training into a silo where it is difficult for training professional to see how they can promote informal inter-departmental learning activities. Instead their worth is assessed by the 'bums on seats'  logic created by such things as learning management systems, ignoring the huge potential added value such as strengthening social capital within the organisation.

Days spent with like-minded professionals is hugely stimulating, but spreading the message about how much better training can be is a key challenge for 2016.

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