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What's this blog all about?

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For quite a few years now I have been slowly integrating systems thinking into the consultancy work that I do, but really accelerated this process back in 2010 when I registered for the part-time distance learning Master's programme "Systems Thinking in Practice" with the Open University. Five years later the end of the Master's is in sight (well, 2017), but I already have developed some techniques for using systems-thinking concepts such as complexity, viability and emergence into what I do.

But systems thinking is still little understood outside the world of systemicists, so I have decided to create this blog to try and help fellow training professionals understand how much it can help in such things as needs analysis, training design and evaluation. While it runs my aim is to explore chunks of systems thinking concepts and methodologies and show how to use them. By writing about them and (hopefully) stimulating some discussion through comments received I will be strengthening my own understanding as well, through the reflective practice that this entails ... which is one aspect implicit within a systemic approach, and which I will muse on at a later date.

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