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Learning and development services for international organisations
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I specialise in providing learning and development services to organisations in the humanitarian and development sectors.

This includes:
  • carrying out learning needs analyses
  • preparing learning and development policies
  • developing learning strategies and programmes
  • delivering programmes using a variety of media
  • evaluating learning programmes
  • delivering training and learning design skills programmes

I have also written a number of books covering particular aspects of learning and development.

My work draws on a systems thinking approach, which brings a number of benefits including:
  • a truly holistic approach to learning, incorporating both formal training activities and strategies for encouraging synergistic informal learning
  • solutions which help learners to respond effectively to changes in their operational environment
  • high levels of subject matter understanding through an emphasis on social learning
  • higher rates of learning transfer, through careful attention to the realities of the workplace

My book, Learning strategies for sustainable organisations, has now been published by Routledge.

This is a practical guide to developing learning strategies to support organisational social and environmental sustainability. It draws heavily on systems thinking ideas to show how to do learning needs analysis for sustainability, identify content and learning delivery methods, and to then evaluate the effectiveness of learning strategies.

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