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I have written a number of books on different aspects of training and HR.
"Learning and Performance: A Systemic Model for Analysing Needs and Evaluating Training " is a practical guide for using systems thinking concepts such as boundary definition, multiple perspectives and relationships in carrying out training needs analyses and programme evaluation.

It explains how to use systems thinking techniques to explore areas of concern in organisational performance, in order to identify a holistic set of solutions which can improve performance. In the case of evaluating training, it uses these tools to provide a practical approach to evaluating both the learning and impact of training.

To order your copy, go to the Routledge website.
This book includes chapters on:
  • what systems thinking is
  • standard approaches to training needs analysis and evaluation
  • concepts in systems thinking, such as complexity, emergence, variety, wicked problems and the dynamics of time
  • systems thinking tools such as System Dynamics, the Viable System Model, Social Network Analysis, Soft Systems Methodology and Critical Systems Heuristics, and how they are relevant to learning and performance
  • systemic concepts of learning
  • systemic ways to improve learning transfer
  • case studies in how to carry out systemically-based needs analyses and evaluations
“Cultural differences and improving performance” examines how different national cultural characteristics can affect attitudes to workplace performance.

It can help you to identify what may be causing performance issues in a culturally diverse workforce and suggest what you can do about it.

“E-HR” explains how intranet technologies can improve human resource administration.

Read this if you have made or are thinking about making the move towards web-based HR systems. It will help you decide how to make the transition from legacy systems painlessly and get the best out of your new systems.

Available at the Routledge website.
E-HR by Bryan Hopkins
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